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As a Nurse Practitioner and being a part of health care for well over a decade, I have cared for thousands of people.  But, even though I have had 8+ years of formal education and works tens of thousands of hours in several hospitals with sick patients, I realized something horrible!  Today's modern healthcare approach focuses on symptoms rather than correcting the underlying issue.   And as a healthcare provider, the whole reason I went into medicine was to help people heal.

I believe that good health can be obtained with fresh air, healthy foods, moving the body daily, and avoiding toxins and chemicals. Is this the answer to all medical problems?  NO. But it can correct many chronic conditions that are becoming the norm today.  

I believe that people have the ability to care for themselves. Most people today feel that they lack the ability to take care of simple problems and need to rush to the doctor for every ailment. This is simply not true! The human body is an amazing biological machine and can repair and self-correct. 

I believe that there is an overuse of the current healthcare system. Because people lack trust in themselves and their bodies,  an abundance of commercials encouraging the use of medicine, and Google searches often lead to unnecessary fears, many people feel that most problems should be evaluated by their provider. 

But you can change your life and your health!  

You can feel better, have less pain, get less sick and have less stress naturally and safely without the use of chemicals, pharmaceuticals or toxins!

You can use simple remedies that are safer, 100% pure and more effective than many other options.  There are some powerful gifts of the Earth that can help ease your ailments.  

The point is, you have control of your health and how you want to feel. And you can become empowered to chose the way you want to be treated. If a modern, medical approach is better, you can chose. If a simpler remedy will work, you can chose that. But YOU get to chose!

A little bit more about me.  I have many loves and titles. I'm a.....
            ~Family Nurse Practitioner
                   ~Emergency Room Provider
                         ~Mother, Wife, Nana
                              ~Essential Oil Educator
                                     ~doTERRA Wellness Advocate
                                                           ~Romance Book Lover
                                                                  ~Crystal Collector
                                                                         ~Urban Gardener

Like any other modern woman who wears a million different hats each day, there’s always more behind these labels.  My goal is to help myself, my family and others that want to improve their health naturally with essential oils and other plant-based options.  

I believe that when you stop cruising on auto-pilot, wake up, and take control of your life, that you can create the extraordinary existence that you’ve always wanted.  You can have better sleep, less pain, more energy, and more vitality without the use of chemical solutions.  

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